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Sean Fargo

Founder, Mindfulness Exercises

In leading Stefan through his certification as a meditation and mindfulness teacher, I was truly inspired by his depth of understanding and dedication to helping others in unique ways. I am excited to witness all of the powerful shifts he's going to bring to people’s lives and enthusiastically endorse him as a teacher and changemaker.

As A Member of the Self Made Mind Community You Will...

  • Grow and develop your skill in a supportive community setting led by an expert teacher, which will keep you confident, committed and inspired about your practice.
  • Learn Empowered Mindfulness: practices to master your mind and apply it to living the inspired, successful and fulfilled life you want.
  • Start practicing Self-Celebration (another bullshit term that may or may not actually be real). Love your “faults”, convert them into superpowers and realize your awesome value and capability.
  • Experience the awareness of how you truly tick on a deep level.
  • Hack your self-negativity and learn how to speak to and support yourself. 
  • Embrace the challenges in life that used to make you miserable and transform them into opportunities. 
  • Become the kind of person that naturally, automatically inspires and elevates those around them.
  • Have the freedom to steal all of my knowledge (AKA: there's a money back guarantee).

"Stefan, Stop Talking, I'm In."

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Live Group Coaching

Weekly meetings with Stefan on Zoom that will continue to take your meditation & mindfulness practice to the next level. Call times are currently scheduled for Tuesdays @ 5pm EST.

Impactful Learning

Videos, practice guides, exercises and other learning resources that are designed for maximum impact on your well-being program.

Mental eSupport

Whatever email support you need to resolves challenges to your practices and your ever-evolving life with meditation and mindfulness.


Exclusive Access to the Facebook Community

Take your learning deeper with the Self Made Mind community. Ask questions you didn't think to in the Zoom meetings, get support from myself and peers, or just connect with fellow self-celebrators. 

Boring, Healthy Bullshit That Happens When You Learn Meditation & Mindfulness...

  • Regulate emotions better (including the ability to understand, befriend, and channel emotions into their highest use).

  • Reduce (correction: embrace!) stress & anxiety.
  • Understand yourself better (AKA: learn what truly matters to you and how to actualize it)

  • Unlock more energy, intelligence, memory and retention.

  • Sharpen your senses.
  • Gain more empathy, listening, negotiation and general social skills.
  • Have better impulse control, lifestyle choices, and addiction management capability. 

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Anti-Crastination: Learn How to Feel Everything & Do Anything

Make Me A Founding Member

Dan Cumberland

CEO, The Meaning Movement

Stefan's work is a much needed reminder of the power of mindfulness. This could change your work, your relationships, and your life.

Jessica Brantley

Founder & CEO, Soulful Essence

As someone who spends a lot of time in the mindfulness space, I've become more than weary of the delusional, woo-woo bullshit that seems to pervade the entire industry. You won't find that here. The two words I’d use to describe Stefan’s work are “pertinent” and transformative.

Founding Member Rate (Monthly)


Until 09/30/2020 @ 11:59pm

  • Reclaim Mental Ownership with the Empowered Mindfulness course.
  • Access to weekly live group coaching. (Tuesdays @ 5pm EST).
  • Meditation/Mindfulness eSupport.
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook community.
  • Access to bonus courses and practice guides.
  • Serious discounts on private coaching/training.
  • BONUS PRACTICE GUIDE: Anti-Crastination: Learn How to Feel Everything & Do Anything

Founding Member Rate (Yearly)


Save 20%

  • Same features, just cheaper if you pre-pay the year.
  • Refundable on a pro-rated basis if you need to cancel at any time.

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